Thursday, March 24, 2011


Respect each other here in term of others belief (religion), race, sex and also social status.

And of course we respect people who are older than us.....

What I want to press here is, how we treat others who are differ from us...., and how can u think u are superior upon them.

They way u interrupt other people, while they are trying to say their opinion is a rude way to say u disagree and not even try to understand them. At least hear them, or put ur feet in their shoes.

Don't insult people, call them names, talk behind their back or put down people or their ideas..

Don’t always underestimate others people....because u never know when u need their help.

In Islam, we belief, we are created in different races and skin color to know each other...

Don’t ever look down upon people, don’t simply judge them by how their look, what they belief and whatever race they are.

Help each other, and pray for others...don’t do something just if they do something in return to you. Being honest is not easy, but u never knows what u will get in return and maybe in unexpected way.......

Allah knows better....
-hani hamid-


  1. i like...thumbs up :)
    alhujurat:13...Allah said: human was created in this world to know each other. once we respect others, we will get the respect more..:)